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    I love dedicating my time, energy and knowledge to my clients- as well as my team- to get them to a place of health and happiness to thrive in life.

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    About Kenan

    Kenan knew at a young age that he wanted to help people thrive in life. It’s with this focus and determination that he has been building a career in the health and fitness industry since 2008.

    He has continually sought out the best international training, specializing in making behavioral changes and improving mental resilience in order to attain optimal body composition and health.

    Kenan is a real people person with exceptional instincts and intuition. He is endlessly dedicated and has the true gift of meeting you where you are and lifting you up to your potential. He loves seeing you achieve your goals and thrive in life.

    In his spare time, he loves international travel as well as local explorations, escaping the city and taking long walks in nature.

    Background education

    Precision Nutrition
    During this training Kenan learned a gradual approach that is sustainable, meaningful and inspiring. The focus is mainly on healthy nutrition, psychology, applied physiology, stress management and sleep performance.
    Anatomy Trains Level 2
    Anatomy Trains teach how you can make all the fascia in the body work perfectly together. So you can move freely and pain-free.
    Kinetic Chain Enhancement – Strength Sensei
    KCE helps reduce the adhesions in muscles and fascia in order to reduce the pressure on the joints, which helps you move more freely.
    Poliquin International Certification Program Level 2
    A many facetted approach that is sustainable, meaningful and inspiring. It’s deep health addressing nutrition, psychology, applied physiology, stress- management and sleep performance.

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