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    About Alline

    At Thriving Life Club, Alline helps you discover the benefits of training and living a healthy lifestyle that will lead to you reaching your full potential. Her goal is for you to channel your badass inner athlete who is strong, resilient and confident.

    Having dealt with an anxious mind that stopped her from getting out of her comfort zone, Alline knows that choosing to turn things around is hard. That is why she will guide you every step of the way.

    Through personalized plans and regular check-ins, she works alongside you as you take steps towards living a healthier life.

    In addition to weight training sessions, Alline incorporates mobility training to help you achieve more successful lifts. Mobility training improves joint health, which in turn allows for greater ease of movement and can lead to an improved quality of life with fewer limitations.

    She is also a former volleyball player, and an advocate for self-efficacy and fostering genuine social connections. Furthermore, she enjoys inspiring others with nutritious and tasty meal ideas.

    Background education

    MILO Certified Personal Trainer (EQF Level 4)
    Alline has completed MILO Personal Training and is now a certified personal trainer (EQF Level 4). During her education, she has gained physical training expertise and received in-depth lessons on programming, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching. This has equipped her with a holistic approach to coaching
    FRC® Mobility Specialist
    FRC® is a comprehensive training system developed by world-renowned musculoskeletal expert Dr. Andreo Spina, which is based on scientific principles and research. The system is designed to achieve three important training goals simultaneously: mobility development, building articular strength, and improving neurological control. Throughout this educational program, Alline has learned how to optimize joint health and function, enabling her to provide better care for her clients and enhance their performance.
    Psychology and nutrition
    During this course, Alline has learned about the various factors that influence eating behavior and how to help people track their behavior. She has gained a deeper understanding of food choices and is now able to help individuals make better ones
    PN Level 1 Nutrition Certification
    The world's best recommended nutrition certification that combines the science of nutrition and behavior change coaching. Alline has learned to focus on developing healthy habits that don't require extreme diets, strict meal plans, or the deprivation of certain foods. Clients are encouraged to achieve beautiful results and make sustainable behavioral changes, without experiencing guilt or restriction.

    What Alline's clients say

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