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    In addition to being a personal trainer, Dagmar also has a background in HR. This mainly helps her and her knowledge of people and being able to level with different personalities. She is also a fervent crossfitter and powerlifter. Dagmar loves to travel, go on adventures and meet new people!

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    More energy
    Sports and teaching are extremely important to Dagmar, because they give her energy. By exercising you not only ensure a strong body, but also that you are mentally stronger. Mental and physical strength contributes to more self-confidence and you are stronger in life. A healthy life is important for now and for the future, but it is also allowed to live once in a while!
    Get more out of life
    Dagmar has a knack for people, having previously worked as an HR manager and now working as a personal trainer. Everyone has their own unique talents and skills, but also their own motivation and story. Dagmar is passionate about finding the different ways in which each client can push their own boundaries and how she can be of best support.
    Squat as most favorite excercise
    Dagmar‘s favorite exercise is the squat, a wonderful compound movement for the entire lower body. She also loves to teach the deadlift. It’s a beautifully complex exercise that has to start from the hips, which is challenging but rewarding.

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