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    Personal trainer studio in Amsterdam - with a holistic approach

    In our Thriving Life Clubs we help you to become the healthiest, fittest and most confident version of yourself.

    Together we optimize your health

    Thriving Life Club is a health management company with a uniquely holistic approach to high performance living.
    We have a proven track record of helping thousands of people improve their health, create a strong and vital body and perform at their highest potential.

    How we help you thrive

    The Thriving Life approach is unique. We don’t tell clients what to do, instead we teach them to make better health choices for the best results. Our focus is on sustainable behavioral change rather than short term adjustments for quick results. In our private studios we help people every day to get healthier, fitter and stronger in a way that they can sustain in the long run.

    Holistic Coaching

    Coaching based on 4 essential pillars

    Private Gym Facilities

    Train in our exclusive high-end private gym boutiques


    All our coaches are highly educated

    Commual Feeling

    We treat members like family

    What Our Clients Say

    Our Coaches

    Are you ready to thrive in life?
    Are you ready to thrive in life?
    Are you ready to thrive in life?
    Are you ready to thrive in life?
    Are you ready to thrive in life?

    What we have to offer

    We offer personal training and coaching with a holistic approach in which we focus on 4 elements that will make your life successful. We teach you the basics for a healthy life of what will become your new routine or the way you respect your body and soul.

    You will get a certificated personal trainer and coach and you will train in one of our private training studio’s in the city centre of Amsterdam. We don’t stop at the gym. We will coach and help you every day during the whole process.

    We call it the Thriving Life Method. Others call it their new second nature. Are you next?
    Health Scan
    Did you ever wonder why health care was never preventive? It's a systematic error in our society. It's way more cheap and responsible to prevent problems rather than fix them. With our Health Scan we analyze your health based on a variety of indicators and give it a score.

    We will scan your health, mobility, conditioning, body fat, fat mass and more! Also we have to take a look at your current lifestyle, to know which behaviors you can change to feel more energized and healthier!

    You can use the scan to change and improve your health instantly, also you will get a document with guideline to improve your health.