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    Get in your best shape

    Get personalized guidance with personal training in our private studio’s from one of our expert coaches and create a healthy lifestyle that fits your goals, preferences and lifestyle while delivering lasting results.

    Personal coaching

    Next to personal training we coach you during the process

    Educated trainers

    All our trainers are recognized for their education and experience they have gained in the field

    Private gym in Amsterdam

    Train in our centrally located private high-end gyms


    Personal Training is unfitting. We offer holistic coaching based on 4 pillars

    how we do it

    Our approach is out of the ordinary. The results follow suit. We support every aspect of your journey - not just training. How you think, feel and live is paramount to us, rather than only focussing on body fat percentage or big muscles. The best part about this method? It works.
    Simply telling people what to eat or how to move more isn’t very effective. We’ll help you develop the nutrition-, movement-, sleep- and stress management skills you need to build healthy habits for life.
    You can only manage what you measure. That’s why we gather, analyze and use data to make informed, outcome based decisions. We gather, analyze and use data to make informed, outcome-based decisions. As progress is our priority we continuously test our approach against reality and refine it based on the data we get.
    Sessions take place in one of our luxury gyms at prestigious monumental addresses in the city center of Amsterdam. They all offer a signature setting that our clients describe as intimate and familiar, including a comfortable member lounge, calm gym and private locker rooms.

    What Our Clients Say

    We don’t stop at the gym

    Our personal training service does more than designing your workouts. It transforms how you look, feel and recharge.
    It’s an uniquely holistic approach to high-performance living that addresses the areas of movement, nutrition and recovery in tandem.

    You’ll have a coach – rather than a traditional trainer – who is qualified to design breakthrough programs that fit your unique goals, values and lifestyle while delivering results.

    This is ‘our’ process

    Training under the guidance of a coach from Thriving Life Club means that you do it together. Together with your coach you will work on a tailor-made plan that we will adjust when necessary based on the results. We don’t tell you what to do, we teach you why you should change something and what positive results this entails.

    We analyze for behavioral change and not for rapid short-term results. Your health is our priority and together we ensure that you have more energy, feel better about yourself, are stronger and, above all, enjoy life more!


    Our trainers are educated by

    ACA coaching academy
    ACA coaching academy

    our Personal training packages

    Health Check

    blood pressure
    weight check
    muscle/fat ratio
    condition check

    Personal training

    Customized personal training program fit for you


    Coaching focused on the basics of nutrition and lifestyle (also post training)


    Regular progress check-ins

    Client care

    Coffee and recovery shake

    Towel service

    Towel service at the gym is a convenient amenity for TLC members who don't want to bring their own towels from home.


    405 /per 4 weeks



    810 /per 4 weeks


    1215 /per 4 weeks

    Silver Gold Premium
    Once a week Two times a week Three times a week
    385 /mo 765 /mo 1145 /mo
    Silver Gold Premium
    Once a week Two times a week Three times a week
    385 /mo 765 /mo 1145 /mo
    60 4 weeks
    • Personal training with your own personal trainer
    80 4 weeks
    • Personal training with your own personal trainer
    • Personal coach during the whole process
    120 4 weeks
    • Personal training with your own personal trainer
    • Personal coach during the whole process
    • Guidance with nutrition and lifestyle
    • Coaching on creating healthy habits like good sleep and stress management
    • Training in our private studio’s


    At which locations can I train?
    You can train at any Thriving Life Club location.
    Can I try a free trial lesson?
    Yes you can request a trial training from us. Click here to request your trial training.
    What does a personal training look like?
    During a trial training we will introduce you to the Thriving Life Club method and we’ll give you a tour of our studio, discuss your goals and wishes together and immediately experience personal training.
    Can I also purchase a separate training from you?
    You cannot purchase a separate training from us. We believe structure and consistency is what it takes to achieve goals so one-off sessions don’t fit in the Thriving Life Style.
    What does a personal training program look like?
    At Thriving Life Club you get a personal coach during the entire process. Together with your coach you will work on a personalized training schedule and you will receive lifestyle coaching during the process. Thriving Life method is Holistic, which means that we take all aspects into account to achieve optimal health.
    How long does it take before you see results?
    How long it takes to see results depends on the effort and commitment you are putting in. Within 4 weeks you’ll already notice positive physical and mental changes.